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Supply Source Focus Five Product Brochure

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Your Go-To for Floorcare

Your Go-To for Floorcare & Dusting Wet Floor Sign A lighter, more ergonomic wet floor sign. • New hand holes allow easier positioning when wearing gloves • Pinch handle makes setup quicker with just one hand 9152W ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 9152W English/Spanish 6/cs Banana Wet Floor Cones These Banana Cones are extremely effective at gaining attention and delivering the intended warning. • Stackable with or without the attached stem • Compliant with OSHA and International Safety Standards • Replacement stems sold separately Item# BBRNSTM • Weight rings available for 2ft and 3ft cones • Trilingual in English, Spanish and French Canadian B1001 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY B1001 Banana Cone, 2ft Tall 2 ft. 3/cs Pop Up Safety Cone Wall-mountable and portable, these metal-framed fabric cones store easily. • Secures areas needing to be marked off, with 3 sides of messaging • Gray plastic storage tube allows multiple mounting options; hardware included • Private labeling available on holder, area 1” x 1-3/4” 9183 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 9182 Pop Up Safety Cone Yellow/Black 31 in. 24/cs 9183 Pop Up Safety Cone Yellow/Black 20 in. 48/cs Four-Sided Floor Signs These easy-to-read floor signs bring attention to problem areas. • #23812, #23816, #23870, #23879 and #23887 are a highly visible yellow • #24236 is a fluorescent green • Imprinted on all four sides with high-contrast text 23879 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 23816 Cuidado Piso Mojado / Caution Wet Floor 25 in. 5/cs 23879 Cuidado Piso Mojado / Caution Wet Floor 36 in. 5/cs

Your Go-To for Floorcare & Dusting Mopster ® Bucketless Handle Lightweight and modular, this system is the solution to many floorcare issues. • Complete system includes 16" frame, 32 oz. bottle, disposable microfiber pad, and 54" handle • Removable dispensing bottle features a wide opening for easy filling and cleanout • Swap-n-go modularity allows for easy switch-outs of dispensing bottles, frames, and heads • Easy to hold ergonomic end-of-handle TPR ball swivels for smooth operation • Easy up/down push-button activation; includes LBH18DISP LBH18 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LBH18 Orange 18 in. 1/cs Mopster ® Kit with Disposable Pads A complete cleaning solution to help meet new health and hygiene standards. • Kit includes Mopster ® 18" Bucketless Handle and 10 LFDP18 disposable pads • Replacement frame – LFMS18 • Disposable pads – LFDP18 LBH18MSDP ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LBH18MSDP Mopster ® Kit with 10 Disposable Pads 18 in. 1/cs Plastic Lobby Dust Pan and Combos Keep your common areas clean with these Lobby Dust Pan combos. • Easy lock 2-way handle can lock in the upright position for hands-free emptying • Low-profile front edge allows for maximum pickup • Increased tray capacity for clean-up of large debris • Cleaning teeth on yoke provides an efficient way of cleaning broom bristles 2600 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 2600 Dust Pan with PVC Handle 6/cs 2601 Plastic Lobby Dust Pan Broom 12/cs Lambswool Dusters 100% Lambswool dusters prevent streaks and scratches. • Ideal for cleaning high or difficult places like corners and ceiling fans • Attracts dust like a magnet to the washable fibers; head does not bend • White handles with an assortment of different color heads • Ideal for cleaning hard to clean devices (louvers, vents, blinds) 3105 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 3105 Telescopic - 30-45 in. 30-45 in. 12/cs


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