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Supply Source Focus Five Product Brochure

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Your Go-To for

Your Go-To for Containers Gator ® Compact Cart with 25 Gallon Blue Vinyl Bag Molded-in areas for vacuum, mops, bottles, brooms, brushes and putty knives. • Contoured design allows easy movement in tight areas and helps prevent damage to walls • 25 gallon zippered refuse bag conceals trash or will hold a plastic trash liner • Textured front platform securely holds a mop bucket or a 32 gallon refuse container • 8" fixed and 3" swivel, high-density rubber wheels; non-marking and quiet • Moisture dam separates wet and dry areas 6855 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 6855 Gray / Blue Vinyl 25 gal. 1/cs Maids’ Basket and Inserts Use inserts with maids’ basket to hold quart bottles, aerosols, etc. • High comfort handle; heavy-duty construction • High sides prevent bottles and aerosols from falling out • Each insert holds 3 bottles (sold separately) 1803 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 1802 Blue 6/cs 1803 Gray 6/cs 8870-15 8870-15 Bullet 21 Gal. Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Receptacle Ideal container for areas with limited space, rugged structural foam. • Strap-secured lid for easy emptying • Uniquely designed interior straps hold poly bag securely out of sight • Balanced “light-touch” door hides refuse and keeps out rain and animals ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 8870-15 Beige 21 Gallon 1/cs 45 Gal. Vanguard Indoor/Outdoor Trash Receptacle Structurally foamed polyethylene is durable and will never rust, leak or corrode. • Convenient hinged top allows for easy emptying of poly bags or rigid liner • Tight fitting, two spring-loaded doors that keeps out rain and pests ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 8750-4 Brown 45 Gallon 1/cs 8750-4

Your Go-To for Containers GatorMate Portable Caddy Fits over rim and handle of 32, 44, and 55-gal. Gator ® and competitive units. • Holds cleaning tools, roll towels, plastic liners, gloves, putty knives, and more • Take off the Gator ® container and use unit as a portable cleaning/storage caddy • Private labeling available • 150 Value Plus Toilet Bowl Caddy fits conveniently in slots 1850 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 1850 Blue 4/cs Gator ® Caddy Organize your tools and accessories in the nine available pockets. • Caddy aprons around container and ties to the handles • Fits 32 and 44-gallon containers • Water resistant synthetic fabric 7705 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 7705 Yellow 6/cs Gator ® Containers Containers are each one-piece molded and have sturdy handles. • Ideal for a variety of applications, in an array of colors • Made in the USA and rugged, these containers and lids pair perfectly • NSF Standard 2 & 21 listed and approved GC200103 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY GC200103 20 gal. - Gray 20 Gallon 6/cs Gator ® 10 Gallon Container and Lids Perfect size container to carry ice in your food service or hospitality locations. • Ergonomic handle for easy gripping and reduced slippage • Contoured lids for stacking • NSF Standard 2 listed and approved GC100101IL ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY GC100101IL White Can “Ice Only” Logo 10 Gallon 6/cs 6 Qt. Color Coded Square Utility Pails These pails fit into a color coded structure for cleaning and sanitizing. • High density polyethylene with metal handle • Reduces risk of cross-contamination; meets HACCP dedicated use guidelines • Red used for sanitizing; green used for cleaning 5506-6S ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 5506-14C Green - 6 qt. “Cleaning” 6 qt. 12/cs 5506-6S Red - 6 qt. “Sanitizing” 6 qt. 12/cs


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