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Supply Source Focus Five Product Brochure

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Your Go-To for Odor

Your Go-To for Odor Control Fragranced Urinal Mat Protect floors from stains and uric acid damage for up to 6 weeks. • Backing grips floor tightly to prevent sliding • Reduces washroom maintenance by protecting grout and floors • Prevents puddling and floor damage 1525 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 1525 Gray 17.45” W x 20.2” L 6/cs 1525-5 Black 17.45” W x 20.2” L 6/cs Eclipse Urinal Screens The Eclipse Urinal Screen is available in 10 fragrances that help keep restrooms smelling fresh and clean. • 30 days of high frequency fragrancing • Unique design eliminates virtually all splash back • Designed to fit virtually all shapes and sizes of urinals • Stronger and longer lasting fragrance • Patent pending 159736 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 149336 Yellow / Citrus Grove 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs 149536 Blue / Ocean Breeze 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs 149736 Green / Cucumber Melon 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs 149936 Light Blue / Fresh Cotton 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs 156036 Magenta / Sweet Amaretto 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs 159736 Dark Purple / Lavender Fields 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs 159936 Light Yellow/Tropical Wave 7.1” 12/bx; 3 bx/cs Oxy-Gen ® Active Air Care System Ideal for washrooms, offices, nursing and care homes, hospitals, hotels, etc. • Gradually dispersed fragrance delivers continuous fragrance intensity • Unique cellular diffuser will not dry out or become saturated too quickly • Simple to install and service – just twist and go • Operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included), lasts for a minimum of 1 year ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY U201G-TW Tropical Waves Grande 6/case U201G-SA Sweet Amaretto Grande 6/case U201G-LF Lavender Fields Grande 6/case U201G-CG Citrus Grove Grande 6/case U201G-CM Cucumber Melon Grande 6/case U201G-FC Fresh Cotton Grande 6/case U201G-OB Ocean Breeze Grande 6/case U201G-NL Nutra-Lox Super Grande 6/case U201ST-AA Oxy-Gen Dispenser 4.5" W x 5.5" D x 4" D 6/case

Your Go-To for Microfiber Premium Weight Microfiber Cloths Microfiber cloths are a great choice for general cleaning and dusting. • Excellent cleaning for surfaces like counter tops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood • Available in multiple colors for color coding by area or application • Can be extensively laundered LFK300 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LFK300 Green 16 in. x 16 in. 12/bg; 15 bg/cs LFK500 Blue 16 in. x 16 in. 12/bg; 15 bg/cs LFK700 Yellow 16 in. x 16 in. 12/bg; 15 bg/cs Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth This cloth is specifically designed for cleaning glass and shiny surfaces. • Also safe for use on other surfaces for dusting or general cleaning • Can be laundered repeatedly without degradation of material • 4-sided surge-finished edge LFK100 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LFK100 Blue 16 in. x 16 in. 12/bg; 18 bg/cs Microfiber Top Down Charging Bucket & Strainer Can be used as either a charging bucket or flat mop strainer/finish bucket. • Compact Design • Fits on maids carts and most Microfiber carts • Includes sealable lid and strainer • 6 gallon capacity with graduations to ensure proper filling • For use with all 18" Microfiber flat mops LF228 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LF228 Gray 6 Gallon 1/cs Microfiber Flat Wet Mops Polypropylene scrubbing strips make deep cleaning easier and more complete. • A layer of microfiber for fluid retention makes it more bacteria resistant than traditional foam • Excellent launderability • Available in multiple colors for a coded cleaning system • Scrubbing strips are made of a high quality polypropylene for deep grout cleaning LWBS18 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LWBS18 Blue 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWGS18 Green 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs Microfiber Pocket Mop with Long Loop Made of looped microfiber, can be used for wet or dry mopping. • True polyester/polyamide microfiber blend cleans better than 100% polyester product • Covers more square footage than short pile threads • Available in three colors for color coding systems LLPG16 ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LLPB16 Blue 16 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LLPG16 Green 16 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs


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