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10 months ago

Single Use Microfiber Tools (DISP2002)

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Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment is critical to both staff members and guests. Impact Products provides the proper tools to ensure the highest standard of clean in any facility.

Impact Products

Impact Products Microfiber Cleaning Tools Single use microfiber flat mop LFDP18 Single-Use in critical areas where cross-contamination prevention is paramount. Impact’s LFDP18 is a 100% synthetic, nonchemically split microfiber mop. LFDP18 effectively removes soil, organic material and microbes from the floor surface. By utilizing a new pad for each cleaning application, the risk of cross-contamination is mitigated. Unlike cotton products and other laundered synthetic textiles, LFDP18 will not “quat-bind”. The optimal absorption and release properties on the LFDP18 provide effective and uniform coverage for cleaning and/or disinfecting. LFDP can be either pre-charged or charged as used with disinfectant/cleaner. Mopster ® Kit with disposable pads LBH18MSDP Light weight and easy to use. The Mopster is ideal for use with the LFDP18 pads for quick cleaning/ disinfecting. The 32 ounce solution tank assured fresh disinfectant is dispensed onto the floors. Ensure proper dwell time is achieved by increasing the solution dispensed on the floor with a simple push of a button. Additional solution tanks are available to allow for quick change out for larger areas or utilize multiple products with the same system. Standard Velcro ® holder for single use mop heads LFMS18 Designed to work with disposable microfiber products, this holder incorporates less aggressive teeth to release the product for easier change outs. Swivel head for easy maneuverability when cleaning floors. Also has a locking feature that allow for ease of use when cleaning vertical surfaces. Mopster Pro-Pak LBH18BPK This backpack system is designed to go with Impact’s Mopster for the improved efficiencies for cleaning larger areas. The backpack utilized a refillable 1.5 gallon cleaning solution bag offering four times the cleaning solution versus the standard Mopster refill tank. This system is designed with user comfort in mind. The backpack evenly distributes the weight and includes padded shoulder straps. 6 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Microfiber top down charging bucket with strainer LF228 Can be used to either charge LFDP18 mops for press and go applications. The compact design fits on most maids carts and microfiber cleaning trolleys. 54" aluminum handle for microfiber frames CHO246 40 - 71" aluminum extension handle for microfiber bases LFSO100 Additional single use cleaning tools Hy-Sorb disposable mops S380SM, S380MD, S380LG These highly absorbent mops are perfect for picking up spills or cleaning heavily soiled areas prior to disinfecting. • Certified Incinerable • Mop goes from bag to the bucket with no break-in period Duralon Bowl mop with red handle 207 These effective bowl mops can be utilized as a single use application in areas where there is high contamination risk. • Bright Red handle is a visible indicator that this cleaning tool designated for high risk areas. • Polypropylene mop strands are acid resistant 84 - Fiberglass 64" janitor quick change orange mop handle | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 7