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Sidepress Wringer and 26 Qt. Bucket Combo (9YCOMBO2010)

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Sell sheet for the 9Y/2626-3Y sidepress wringer and bucket combo, with 9000CC color coding clips.

Sidepress Wringer and 26 Qt. Bucket Combo

FLOORCARE SIDEPRESS WRINGER AND 26 QT BUCKET COMBO A Hassle-Free Mopping System FEATURES • Angled handle provides increased force when wringing mops • Splash guard keeps water directed into bucket when wringing mops • Built-in mop handle holders secure mop handles while transporting • Slots incorporated into bucket for easy storage of putty knives • Color clips can be snapped to wringer handle for easy color coding* • Non-marking casters glide quietly across the floor Mopping is a breeze with the sidepress wringer and bucket combo. Built-in holders keep mop handles and putty knives secure during transport. Wringing mops is hassle-free thanks to increased force from the angled handle and a splash guard that diverts water directly into the bucket below. #9000CC Color Coding Clips • Easily snaps on to a wringer or mop handle to designate where to use • Color coding clips reduce the risk of cross contamination • Each set contains 1 Red, 1 Blue, and 1 Green clip. *One set of Color Clips included with combo. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY MIN. ORDER 9Y/2626-3Y Sidepress Wringer & 26 Qt. Bucket Combo 1/cs 1 cs 9000CC Color Clips (Set of Red, Blue, Green) 3/set; 24 set/cs 1 cs 2840 Centennial Road Toledo, Ohio 43617 1.800.333.1541 ©2020 Impact Products, LLC 9YCOMBO2010

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