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Safety Catalog (SAFE2102)

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Impact Products' line of safety products includes first aid kits, protective eyewear, wet floor signs, face masks, ear plugs, disposable clothing, and more.


Safety Lock-In Sign Mounted atop a four-sided floor sign, one of these signs will stand out. • Fits 25" and 36" 4-sided signs • Red in color for high visibility • 8" square space to place message labels or signage ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 26401 Lock-In Sign 50/cs Safety Cone Safety cones are ideal for making people aware of hazards in any facility. • Slim-line design; wide base • Flanges on base of cone provide airflow, preventing cone tipping ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7308 18 in. Orange Cone 6/cs 7309 28 in. Orange Cone 6/cs FLOOR DAMS Floor Dam Contains chemicals and liquids to the intended area by blocking off doorways. • Expands to fit most doorways; easily installed • Sturdy caution safety fluorescent yellow/green, plastic w/rubber seal • Saves time, labor and money; works well with our safety pole #9175I ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7240 22-40 in., Fluorescent Yellow-Green 1/cs 7264 36-64 in., Fluorescent Yellow-Green 1/cs 8 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Safety GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS Gripper Shoe Cover Treads Increase traction in wet, slippery conditions when maintaining floors. • Excellent comfort; durable treads with the best slip-protection • Top quality; waterproof full overshoe • Reusable and easy to clean ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY JD1226S Black/Red 12 pr/cs JD1226M Black/Red 12 pr/cs JD1226L Black/Red 12 pr/cs JD1226XL Black/Red 12 pr/cs TREADS Treads Provide skid resistance and support while stripping floors. • 100% waterproof, made of natural rubber • Covers most work shoes up to ankles • Abrasive outsoles ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7313S Natural Rubber Tread 12 pr/cs 7313M Natural Rubber Tread 12 pr/cs 7313L Natural Rubber Tread 12 pr/cs 7313XL Natural Rubber Tread 12 pr/cs 73132X Natural Rubber Tread 12 pr/cs Heavy Duty Rubber Disposable Boot & Shoe Cover Repels liquids and protects against punctures and tears • Skid resistant sole • One Size Fits Most • Powder free • 100% waterproof natural soft rubber ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7359 Yellow 100 pr/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 9

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