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Safety Catalog (SAFE2102)

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Impact Products' line of safety products includes first aid kits, protective eyewear, wet floor signs, face masks, ear plugs, disposable clothing, and more.


Safety GHS (GLOBALLY HARMONIZED SYSTEM) SDS 180-Degree Projection Sign Sign with repeated message can be viewed from all sides. • Thick, high-impact 50% recycled polyethylene • Mounting template included ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 799311 English 5/cs SDS Information Center Helps GHS/SDS compliance by allowing easy access to Safety Data Sheets. • Includes extra large 2 ½” 3-ring SDS binder accommodates new 16 part SDS sheets • Made of durable polystyrene • Mounting hardware not included ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 799190 White/Red 1/cs SDS Bilingual "Right-To-Understand" Center Aluminum board has a welded pocket to hold a SDS binder and training books. • Scratch resistant powder-coated finish • 1 ½” SDS 3-ring red-on-white bilingual binder • Mounting hardware not included • Aluminum is 0.063” Thick ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 799112 Blue/Red/White 1/cs 14 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Safety SDS Deluxe Reversible Right-To-Know/Understand Center Can be constructed showing either "Right-to-Understand" or "Right-to-Know". • Made of durable ABS plastic • Heavy duty wire basket with a 1 ½” 3-ring SDS binder • Binder is attached to center so SDS sheets are not lost ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 799200 Red / Yellow 1/cs SAFETY STATIONS Double Eye Face Wash Station Durable plastic station provides initial flushing for alkali and acid splash. • Plastic station with two wide-mouth 16-oz. bottles of saline solution • Safety sealed and dated to guard against contamination • Supplements eyewash equipment, much closer to contaminants to provide immediate treatment before a worker can reach primary eyewash equipment • Does not meet ANSI Z358.1-2011 15 min flushing requirement ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7349 Double Eye/Face Wash Station 6/cs Hand Sanitizer and PPE Station Make touchless hand sanitizing easy! This durable, all metal stand is ideal for lobbies, schools, medical offices and many other public and private facilities. It also is a convenient way to dispense face masks and ProGuard® disposable gloves! ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 9300 Metal Dispenser Stand, Black 1/cs 9301 Sign Holder, Clear 1/cs 9302 Disposable Glove Holder 1/cs 9303 Face Mask Holder 1/cs 9304 Trigger Sprayer and Quart Bottle Holder 1/cs 9300 | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 15


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