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Receptacles & Material Handling (RECP2102)

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Impact Products' selection of receptacles and material handling items including waste baskets, door stoppers, utility carts, buckets, and more.

Receptacles/Material Handling Gator ® Dolly Vented to prevent suction between dolly and container. • Structural foam molded, extremely durable • Five 3 in. non-marking quiet swivel casters • Securely attaches to 20, 32, 44, and 55 gallon containers ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7704 Black 2/cs Gator ® Caddy Organize your tools and accessories in the nine available pockets. • Caddy aprons around container and ties to the handles • Fits 32 and 44-gallon containers • Water resistant synthetic fabric ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7705 Yellow 6/cs THIN BIN ® CONTAINERS & LIDS Thin Bin ® Lid with Round Cut Out Thin Bin ® 23 Gallon Container and Lids Recycling lids encourage the right trash to be thrown in designated containers. • Blue lid with round hole for cans • Fits competitive units • Lids are made of 35% post consumer recycled material High capacity container for tight places, made of a durable polyethylene blend. • Ergonomic handles; recessed hand grips molded into bottom for easy emptying • Smooth inside surface for easy cleaning • Textured finish outside for attractive, commercial look • Swingtop lids sold separately, flat top recycling lid available ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7025-11 Round Cut Out - Blue 4/cs ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7023-5 Black 4/cs 7023-11R Blue Recycle 4/cs 7023-15 Beige 4/cs 7023-3 Gray 4/cs 7023-4 Brown 4/cs 7023-14 Green 4/cs 7024-15 Swingtop Lid - Beige 4/cs 7024-3 Swingtop Lid - Gray 4/cs 7024-4 Swingtop Lid - Brown 4/cs 8 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Receptacles/Material Handling VALUE PLUS SLIM CONTAINERS & LIDS Value-Plus 23 Gallon Slim Container Perfect for small spaces where you need a receptacle. • Reinforced rims and walls for increased durability • Engineered sidewall venting for easy retrieval of loaded trash bags • NSF Standard 2 listed and approved. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY STC2303 Slim - Gray 4/cs STC2304 Slim - Blue 4/cs STC2304RL Slim - Blue Recycle 4/cs STC2306 Slim - Brown 4/cs STC2307RL Slim - Green Recycle 4/cs STC2308 Slim - Taupe 4/cs STC2310 Slim - Black 4/cs Value-Plus 23 Gallon Slim Container Lids These lids pair with the 23 Gallon Slim Containers to adapt to various situations. • Swing top lids for a variety of applications, in an array of colors • Multi-use recycle lids for bottles or paper ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY STC23R04 Recycle Lid - Blue 4/cs STC23R07 Recycle Lid - Green 4/cs STC23SW03 Swing Lid - Gray 4/cs STC23SW04 Swing Lid - Blue 4/cs STC23SW06 Swing Lid - Brown 4/cs STC23SW07 Swing Lid - Green 4/cs STC23SW08 Swing Lid - Taupe 4/cs STC23SW10 Swing Lid - Black 4/cs WASTEBASKETS Fire Resistant Wastebasket Contains fire without burning and will not melt or collapse. • Made of fiberglass; meets most stringent fire approval standards • Rounded corners add strength and are easy to clean; UL Approved • Required for food service, healthcare, hospitality, schools and office buildings ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7695-15 27 qt. - Beige 6/cs 7700-15 14 qt. - Beige 6/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 9

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