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Personal Care Products (FEMBRO1804)

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The Personal Care Products Catalog provides a complete breakdown of our Naturelle®, Sanisac® and Rest Assured™ product lines.


NAPKIN RECEPTACLES A. Wall Mount Feminine Napkin Receptacle Receptacles for a sanitary method of disposing of Feminine Hygiene items. The units empty from the bottom and fit a #77 disposal liner. A. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 25125200 WHITE PLASTIC 1/BX; 12 BX/CS 25032000 STAINLESS STEEL 1/BX; 12 BX/CS 25033000 WHITE ENAMEL 1/BX; 12 BX/CS B. Floor Standing Feminine Napkin Receptacle These receptacles are used for a sanitary method of disposing of Feminine Hygiene items and fit an FL disposal liner. The spring closing swing door opens from both sides. B. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 25123300 WHITE ENAMEL 1/BX; 6 BX/CS C. E-Z Metal Sanitary Napkin Receptacle This heavy-duty metal receptacle is for high-traffic washrooms to prevent the spread of disease or cross-contamination. The unit can be wall-mounted and prevents the spread of disease or cross-contamination. To empty receptacle, pull unit forward and liner drops in waste basket. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 1112 WHITE 12/CS D. D. Plastic Sanitary Napkin Receptacle This receptacle prevents the spread of disease or cross-contamination and opens from the top for easy extraction. It can be used on floor as single or double unit. It can also be mounted on the wall. Each unit contains complimentary waxed bags. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 1100 WHITE 4/CS C. E. E. Safe-Use Plastic Sanitary Napkin Receptacle The unit empties from the bottom so hands never touch the contents. It can be used on floor as single or double unit as well as being mounted on the wall. The bottom pulls forward allowing liner to drop into waste receptacle. Each unit contains complimentary waxed bags. sanitary Napkin Receptacles ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 1102 WHITE 4/CS 1103 BLACK 4/CS Facility managers also need to install napkin receptacles in every women’s restroom along with properly fitting liners. For health and safety reasons, these receptacles should always have a liner installed. This will make it easier to remove waste and keep the receptacle sanitary. Further, cleaning professional must be properly trained on how to clean and maintain these receptacles. ISSA (the nonprofit, worldwide association for the professional cleaning industry) provides guidelines for this type of cleaning. Called the Best Cleaning Practices for Feminine Care Receptacles.” Download the pdf at 4

NAPKIN RECEPTACLES / NAPKIN LINERS touch-free Receptacles To create the most positive guest experience, sanitary napkin receptacles should be mounted in every women’s restroom stall. Many wall mounted sanitary napkin receptacles open at the bottom – pull away from the wall – so that liners can drop into trash bags for sanitary, touch-free disposal. Order item A, C, D, or E on page 3. F. F. Metal Floor Sanitary Napkin Receptacle This receptacle fits between stalls and opens on both sides with a springclosing door. The galvanized inner container prevents rusting. The bakedon white enamel finish gives added scratch resistance and easy cleaning. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 1115 WHITE 1/CS H. G. H. Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Liners These liners come in Poly. They prevent the spread of disease by enclosing contents inside. #8505 are used with floor units and #8515 is used in wall mount units. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 8505 FLOOR UNIT POLY LINERS - BUFF 1000/CS 8515 WALL MOUNT POLY LINERS - BUFF 1000/CS G. Sanitary Napkin Waxed Bags These brown waxed bags fit in sanitary napkin receptacles for easy disposal. They prevent the spread of disease by enclosing contents in a wax coated, moisture-resistant bag. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 1101 BROWN 250/CS I. I. Sanitary Disposal Liners These wax liners are designed for feminine receptacles to ensure sanitary clean up. There are various liner sizes available for multiple napkin receptacles. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 25121298 BROWN 250/CS 25025088 #77 BROWN 500/CS 25122488 BROWN FLOOR UNIT 500/CS 25123298 PERSONAL-W/PRINT 1000/CS 5


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