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7 months ago

Naturelle Free Vend Sell Sheet

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This sell sheet covers our free vend Naturelle feminine hygiene vendor options that help you meet the demand of menstrual equity.

Naturelle Free Vend Sell

Now is the time to make the right choice. by Impact With the recent announcement that the state of New York will be taking the lead to provide menstrual products to female students free of charge, it’s time to be perpared to supply this need. “Period poverty” is when menstruating women are unable to afford basic sanitary products that help mitigate period symptoms and manage bleeding. According to experts, period poverty impacts millions of people in the United States and around the world, especially poor women and marginalized communities. By making hygiene products available to all, low-income familes can be assured that their needs will be taken care of*. Impact and its partners have developed this guide to pertinent articles and products that can help you be prepared for these changes that are just around the corner. New York is also eliminating the socalled “tampon-tax” which added 4 to 10 percent to the products price. “ Menstrual products are as necessary as toilet paper and soap, but can be one expense too many for struggling families. “ New York Governor Andrew Cuomo *Source: Jennifer Weiss-Wolf And Maeve Roughton, New York Daily News, March 8, 2018

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