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Naturelle Free Vend Sell Sheet (FRCR1807)

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This sell sheet covers our free vend Naturelle feminine hygiene vendor options that help you meet the demand of menstrual equity.

omline resources Here is

omline resources Here is a list of articles describing the New York menstrual equity law that is currently under consideration. Cleanlink: New York State To Provide Free Menstrual Products In Schools US News and World Report: Common Sense Care for Our Girls products that can help Vendors and products that can help you meet the demand of menstrual equity. 25191000/FREE J6-RC Feminine Dual Dispenser with View Window 25190900FREE J1 Feminine Dual Dispenser 25191100FREE J6SSP Feminine Dual SS Dispenser Newsweek: New York Terminates the Tampon Tax Huffington Post: Unanimous Vote Brings Free Tampons To NYC’s Schools, Prisons, Shelters 25191200FREE J10 Feminine Triple Dispenser with View Window 25160100FREE RSVP Plus Feminine Dual Dispenser COMING SOON! Free tokens for all the vendors shown here! 2840 Centennial Road Toledo, OH 43617 1.800.333.1541 FRCR1807 We also have a complete line of Naturelle ® Sanitary Napkins and Tampons. For more information, please visit:

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