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Microfiber Catalog (MICRO2102)

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A catalog of Impact Products' microfiber cleaning supplies, including cloths, mops, and more.

Microfiber Microfiber Looped Wet Mops Perfect for general purpose jobs, these looped wet mops are highly versatile. • Low abrasive wet pads are perfect for smooth surfaces • No foam inner layer, only additional layers of microfiber for greater absorbency • Excellent launderability ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LF0011 Blue 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LF0012 Green 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LF0017 Blue 24 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs Microfiber 16" Pocket Mop Frame Pair this pocket mop frame with the CHO246 or LFSO100 handle. • Push bar operation, universal adaptor with compression nut • Allows “no touch, hands-free” attachment and removal of pocket mops • Fits most competitive 16” pocket microfiber mops ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LPMGY16 Gray 12/cs 100% Polyester White Loop Mop A versatile mop that can be used for dry or wet mopping. • Larger, thick looped wet mop for heavy soils • Able to be used for wall washing • Large loops for larger soil capacity ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 3177 White 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs Microfiber Pocket Mop with Long Loop Made of looped microfiber, can be used for wet or dry mopping. • True polyester/polyamide microfiber blend cleans better than 100% polyester product • Covers more square footage than short pile threads • Available in three colors for color coding systems ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LLPB16 Blue 16 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LLPG16 Green 16 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LLPR16 Red 16 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs 6 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Microfiber HOW TO USE MICROFIBER WET MOPS Proceed with pre-moistened mop heads (white side up) to 1. bucket filled with recommended 150- 200cc of water and chemical per mop. Press mop so Velcro ® system fastens. Proceda con los cabezales de trapeadores previamente humedecidos (lado blanco hacia arriba) al cubo lleno con 150-200 cc de agua y agente químico por trapeador, según lo recomendado. Presione el trapeador para que quede sujeto el sistema Velcro ® . Begin by mopping edge of baseboard from front to back of 2. room. At far edge of room, begin mopping in recommended figure “8” pattern. Mop restrooms last. Empiece por trapear las orillas del zócalo de adelantehasta atrás en el cuarto. En el extremo del cuarto, empiece a trapear en la forma de ocho recomendada. Trapee los baños en último lugar. Place feet on each edge of wet mop and then pull up or 3. rotate mop handle while mop frame begins to pull away from mop. Pull mop from frame and place in soiled laundry bag. Ponga los pies en cada borde del trapeador mojado y luego mueva hacia arriba o gire el mango del trapeador mientras el armazón empieza a alejarse del trapeador. Saque el trapeador del armazón y póngalo en la bolsa para el lavado. | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 7

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