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Microfiber Catalog (MICRO2102)

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A catalog of Impact Products' microfiber cleaning supplies, including cloths, mops, and more.

Microfiber Mopster ® Propak Kit The most versatile backpack available. • Uses up to 39% less floor finish • Can cover up to 6,000 square feet an hour • Mopping Kit Includes: 1 - Mopster ® Back Pack, 1 - Bottle & Hose Assembly • 2 - Chemical Storage Bags, 1- Chemical Identification Label Sheet • 2 - Mop Heads ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LBH18BPK Mopster® Propack System 1/cs LBH18BFS Bag Fill Station 1/cs LBH18CSB Chemical Storage Bag 200/cs LBH18HAAC Bottle Assembly w/8’ Hose 12/cs Mopster ® 18 in. Lambswool Applicator Pad, White • Great for laying down floor finish ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LBH18FFA Lambswool Floor Finish Applicator 3 pc/bg; 12 bg/cs Mopster ® Replacement Parts Replace lost or worn parts to extend the life of your bucketless system. ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LBH18B Bottle with Tethers and Caps 60/cs LBH18F Base - Orange / Silver 24/cs LBH18N Bottom Bottle Cap Valve 50/cs LBH18VK Valve Kit 50/cs 4 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Microfiber MICROFIBER MOPS & ACCESSORIES Microfiber Starter Pack Kit Start a new microfiber program or resupply a variety of items with this kit. • Kit includes: • Mopping Items: 1 - LFSO100 Extension handle; 1 - LFMO18 Mop Holder; 3 - LWBS18 Scrubber mops; 2- LFFD18 Dust mops • Cleaning Items: 2 - LFK300 Green MicroFiber Cloths; 2 - LFK100 Blue microfiber cloths; 1 - HDCOMP High Duster ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LFMTKIT Multi-Color 1/cs Microfiber Top Down Charging Bucket with Strainer Durable plastic bucket is designed to accommodate up to 18" pads. • Fits on maids carts and most microfiber cleaning trollies • Includes sealable lid and strainer • 6 gallon capacity with graduations • For use with all 18” Microfiber flat mops ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LF228 Grey 1/cs 2021C 2 in. Casters 4/bg Microfiber Flat Wet Mops Polypropylene scrubbing strips make deep cleaning easier and more complete. • A layer of microfiber for fluid retention makes it more bacteria resistant than traditional foam • Excellent launderability • Available in multiple colors for a coded cleaning system • Scrubbing strips are made of a high quality polypropylene for deep grout cleaning ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LWBS13 Blue 13 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWBS18 Blue 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWBS24 Blue 24 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWGS13 Green 13 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWGS18 Green 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWGS24 Green 24 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWRS18 Red 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs LWYS18 Yellow 18 in. 12/bg; 10 bg/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 5

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