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Microfiber Catalog (MICRO2102)

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A catalog of Impact Products' microfiber cleaning supplies, including cloths, mops, and more.

Microfiber HOW TO USE MICROFIBER DRY MOPS Place dust mop on floor, gray side down. Press mop frame 1. against mop so the Velcro ® system fastens. Ponga el trapeador para el polvo sobre el piso, con el lado gris hacia abajo. Presione el armazón del trapeador contra el trapeador de tal modo que quede sujeto el sistema Velcro ® . Dust floors, beginning at far edge of room and proceeding 2. towards center in figure eight pattern. Sacuda el polvo de los pisos, empezando en el extremo alejado del cuarto y procediendo hacia el centro en forma de ocho. Place feet on each edge of dust mop and then pull up or 3. rotate mop handle. Once mop frame begins to pull away from mop, pick up and place dust mop in soiled laundry bag. Ponga los pies en cada borde del trapeador para el polvo y luego mueva hacia arriba o gire el mango del trapeador. Una vez que el armazón empiece a alejarse del trapeador, recoja y ponga el trapeador en la bolsa para el lavado. 16 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Microfiber Lightweight Microfiber Cloths These economy cloths are a lightweight option that dry quickly after use. • Perfect for general-purpose cleaning of a variety of surfaces • Available in five colors for color coding by area or application • Can be extensively laundered • 16” x 16”; 33 grams ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY LFK301 Green 12/bg; 20 bg/cs LFK401 Pink 12/bg; 20 bg/cs LFK451 Red 12/bg; 20 bg/cs LFK501 Blue 12/bg; 20 bg/cs LFK701 Yellow 12/bg; 20 bg/cs Microfiber Dual-Textured Bar Towel Two sides with alternate ribbed patterns double the usefulness of this towel. • Ribbed side has deep channels, trapping larger particles for heavy-duty clean up • Smooth side is ideal for lighter jobs like dusting or wiping down surfaces • Part of a Green Clean system due to less water and chemical usage • Removes 99% of bacteria with water alone • Synthetic fibers are resistant to bacteria growth ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LFRT1000 White 14 in. x 17 in. 12/bg; 15bg/cs Microfiber Waffle Weave Bar Towel Virtually lint-free, this woven design provides excellent surface contact. • Absorbs more than seven times its weight in liquid, much more than conventional bar towels • Extremely durable - will last through hundreds of wash cycles • Microfiber is resistant to bacteria growth ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY LFWT1000 White 14 in. x 17 in. 12/bg; 15/bg/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 17

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