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Malt Spec Sheets

ProMax II ® Some items

ProMax II ® Some items may be available with knit cuffs or elastic wrists. These garments are available in a variety of colors. Consult your Malt sales representative. Providing maximum comfort and durability, these garments are strong, fluid resistant and breathable. ® ProMax II (SMS) OVERVIEW • A three-layer spunbonded-meltblown-spunbonded polypropylene fabric • Ideal for a number of applications where non-toxic particles are present • Comfortable, lightweight fabric available in a variety of garment styles • Color: Light Blue or White • Seam: Serged Typical Applications: general maintenance, janitorial services, food processing, construction, or any nonhazardous job where you need to keep clean. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Tensile Strength (MD) Trapezoidal Tear (MD) Elongation (MD) Mullen Burst Static Decay (>0.5 sec) Flammability BARRIER PROPERTIES Hydrohead TEST METHODS ASTM D5034 INDA IST 100.2 ASTM D5034 ISO 13938-1 NFPA 99 CPSC 1610 TEST METHOD AATCC 127-1998 RESULTS 25.9 lbs 9.2 lbs 45% 36.4 psi PASS Class 1 RESULTS 72.8 cm M1140 coverall, zipper S – 6X 25 EACH 6 Lbs M1240 coverall, elastic wrists & ankles S – 5X 25 EACH 6 Lbs M1440 coverall, hood, elastic wrists & ankles S – 5X 25 EACH 7 Lbs M1540 coverall, hood, boot, elastic wrists S – 5X 25 EACH 8 Lbs M1740 lab coat, 3 pockets, knit cuff and collar XS – 5X 30 EACH 7 Lbs COMFORT PROPERTIES Air Permeability MVTR TEST METHOD ASTM D737 ASTM E96 RESULTS 42 cfm 4639 g/m2/24 hr M2215B blue shoe covers L/XL 100 PR. 10 Lbs Impact Products: 800.333.1541 Malt by Impact: 888.539.6258 PROMAX21604 It is the user’s responsibility to select garments which are appropriate for each intended use and which meet all specified government and industry standards.

PyroMax ® PyroMAX ® is perfect for: • PETROLEUM/OIL PyroMax ® offers superior strength, wet or dry, over other traditional fire retardant disposable garments. PyroMax ® is breathable, making this a cool and comfortable garment to wear. When worker efficiency and comfort are important, PyroMax ® garments are the critical choice. • NUCLEAR POWER INDUSTRY Checkout our complete line of protective apparel at

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