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Malt Spec Sheets


PHYSICAL PROPERTIES • Fabric Weight • Tear Strength •Ball Burst •Breaking Strength and Elongation: Breaking Strength • Water Resistance Hydrostatic Test: • Air Permeability: • Flammability: • Water Vapor Transmission Rate ASTM D3776-96 ASTM D57733-95 MD CMD ASTM D3787-89 ASTM D5034-95 ELONGATION MD 31.7lbs CMD 23.1lbs 1.87 oz/yd2 11.1 lbs 5.8 lbs 24.03 psi 82.9 % 123.0 % AATCC127-95 161.0 cm ASTM D737-96 BELOW 1.23 CFN/ft2 16CFR 1610 CLASS 1 ASTM E96-95, METHOD B WBTR 744 CHEMICAL TESTING Bleach - 5%(household) Diazinon (4ox. per gallon) Hydraulic Jack Oil Isocyanate Based Paint Hardener Motor Oil (40W) Sodium Hydroxide Mineral Oil M1017 coverall, zipper, elastic wrists & ankles S – 6X 25 EACH 8 Lbs M1028 coverall, zipper, hood, elastic wrists & ankles S – 6X 25 EACH 9 Lbs M1014 coverall, zipper, attached hood, boot & elastic wrists S – 6X 25 EACH 10 Lbs M1802 bouffant cap 21” 500 EACH M1012 coverall, zipper S – 6X 25 EACH 7 Lbs M1095 pants, elastic waist S – 5X 50 EACH 7 Lbs M1010 lab coat, snap front, no pockets, long sleeve S – 6X 30 EACH 8 Lbs M1020 lab coat, snap front, 2 pockets, long sleeve S – 5X 30 EACH 7 lbs M1040 18’’ sleeves, elastic both ends 18” 100 PR. 10 Lbs M1050 hood UNIVERSAL 100 EACH 7 Lbs M1060 apron, sewn ties 28 x 36 100 EACH 11 Lbs M1070 shoecover XL 200 PR. 10 Lbs M1071 shoecover, vinyl sole XL 200 PR. 11 Lbs M1080 bootcover XL 200 PR. 12 Lbs M1081 bootcover, vinyl sole XL 200 PR. 13 Lbs M1090 shirt, long sleeve S – 5X 50 EACH 7 Lbs Impact Products: 800.333.1541 Malt by Impact: 888.539.6258 PROMAX1604 It is the user’s responsibility to select garments which are appropriate for each intended use and which meet all specified government and industry standards.

ProMAX II ® ProMAX II ® is perfect for: • HOSPITALS Our exclusive ProMax II ® is a 3 ply material consisting of one layer of meltblown polypropylene bonded between 2 layers of spunbond polypropylene. These garments are strong, fluid resistant and breathable. Providing maximum comfort and durability, ProMax II ® is an optimal mix of protection and comfort at an affordable price. These garments are available in a variety of colors. Stocking colors are blue and white. • CLINICS • LABORATORIES • FOOD PROCESSING • PAINTING Checkout our complete line of protective apparel at

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