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Malt by Impact Catalog (MLT1601)

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Malt by Impact product catalog.

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Also available from Protective Eyewear The ProGuard Classic line provides traditional lens variations that never go out of style. This line is designed to provide excellent durability and protection. These lenses are utilitarian and offer compliance across a broad range of activities. The ProGuard Fit line provides the right fit for the right job. One-size-does-not-fit-all where the workforce has become increasingly diverse. The Fit line includes glasses for smaller facial structures, options that are fully adjustable, and eyewear with integrated reading magnification. These features will deliver improved comfort and functionality that will support compliance and help to reduce eye injuries. The ProGuard Style line is designed to increase compliance through mirroring fashion eyewear trends. Workers who are not comfortable with the style of their safety eyewear are more likely to remove it, even around hazardous conditions. The Style line is built for the individual on the cutting edge of fashion. These styles offer a great look that can be worn all day. This encourages compliance and will keep the wearer safe. Globally Harmonized System (GHS) The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classifying and labeling chemicals is an internationally agreed-upon system, designed to replace various global classification and labeling standards. Employers should conduct employee training and make the designated changes throughout their facilities. Impact has the products your customers need to comply with the new laws and avoid millions of dollars in fines levied every year by OSHA. Impact has a complete line of SDS Informations Centers, binders, bilingual posters and reference material to make sure your employees and work place are compliant. 50 |

Also available from Disposable Gloves Impact offers three great brands of disposable gloves. ProGuard for Jan/San and General Purpose uses, DiversaMed for the Medical, Dental and Exam field and The Protected Chef for the Food Service industry. 8621 Industrial Gloves 100 disposable gloves (by weight) Single use only/Ambidextrous POWDERED NATURAL LATEX GLOVES the safety of nitrile in black GANTS EN LATEX NATUREL POUDRÉS Gants industriels XL 100 gants jetables (par poids) usage unique seulement/ambidextres 8641 Exam Gloves (non-sterile) 100 disposable gloves (by weight) Single use only/Ambidextrous POWDER FREE WHITE NITRILE GLOVES Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex POUDRE BLANC GANTS EN NITRILE Gants d'examen ( non stérile ) 100 gants jetables ( en poids ) Usage unique / Ambidextre S 8609 Food Service Gloves 100 disposable gloves (by weight) Single use only/Ambidextrous POWDERED BLUE VINYL GLOVES Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex Pas fabriqués avec latex de caoutchouc naturel GANTS EN VINYLE BLEUS POUDRÉS Gants pour les services alimentaires 100 gants jetables (par poids) usage unique seulement/ambidextres XL Who Is Impact? We are the dominant manufacturer of supplies and accessories to the cleaning industry. We Impact Everything… Easier, Safer, Better! 1.888.539.6258 | 51

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