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Malt by Impact Catalog (MLT1601)

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Malt by Impact product catalog.


Malt specializes in large quantity shipping by container lots. If your company already purchases in container quantities, or if you would like information about doing so, please contact your Malt Sales Representative. Container pricing is available for most products the same day it is requested. Malt also offers personalized labeling at no extra charge on container loads of product. This allows you to customize each case of product with your company name and logo and adds a special touch of personalization to the products you are distributing. If you have any questions about container purchasing, please contact us at 1.888.539.6258. ProMax ® , ProMax II ® , and PyroMax ® are registered trade marks of Malt Industries, Inc. Tyvek ® , Tychem QC ® , Tychem ® SL, Tychem ® BR, and Tychem ® TK are registered trademarks of the DuPont company. ChemMax ® is a registered trademark of Lakeland Industries. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER TO: Review and understand available information about the apprporiate use of the garment; Carefully inspect the garment for damage before and after use; To obtain proper training in the correct use, handling, storage maintenance and disposal of the garment; Verify that the garment meets all specified government and industry standards for user’s specific application; WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY, INCLUDING POTENTIALLY DEADLY CHEMICAL EXPOSURE YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE THE USE OF GARMENT IF FABRIC BECOMES TORN, SCRATCHED OR PUNCTURED . Malt Industries makes no further warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.

Malt values each and every customer whether large or small. We are a company committed to excellence. We strive to present each one of our customers with the best possible prices, quality products, and dependable service. Dear Customer, Malt Industries, Inc. was established in 1998 and since then has grown to be a leader in the limited use and protective apparel industry. Over the years, Malt has experienced steady growth throughout the company. We have expanded our product lines and increased our staff and facilities. We are now better equipped more than ever to meet the growing needs of our valued customers. Malt is proud to serve our customers with superior customer service and an extensive product catalog. We have completely redesigned our catalog for your ordering convenience. We hope this information will be a valuable resource for your company. If you need further information or assistance please feel free to contact us at 1.888.539.6258. We continue to pride ourselves in offering our customers the best possible prices, quality products, and dependable service. As we continue to grow, we hold to our family atmosphere and value every customer large or small, offering a personal touch that larger companies are unable to provide. Malt Industries , Inc. remains a company committed to excellence. If you are an existing customer, we hope you are aware of how important you are to us. If you are not yet one of our valued customers, we challenge you to give us the opportunity to prove our level of commitment to excellence and our policy of treating every customer like family. 1.888.539.6258 | 1

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