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Malt by Impact Catalog (MLT1601)

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Malt by Impact product catalog.


HIGH LEVEL PROTECTION DuPont LEVELS OF PROTECTION DuPont Tyvek ® DuPont Tychem ® QC DuPont Tychem ® SL DuPont Tychem ® ThermoPro DuPont Tychem ® F DuPont Tychem ® CPF 3 DuPont Tychem ® BR DuPont Tychem ® LV DuPont Tychem ® TK DuPont Tychem ® Responder CSM DuPont Tychem ® Reflector DuPont ProShield ® DuPont ProShield ® NexGen ® DuPont Tempro ® Non-hazardous particles and aerosols Flame resistance SEAM CONSTRUCTION Serged or Sewn* Non-hazardous particles, liquids and aerosols Non-hazardous particles and light liquid splash Light Non-hazardous particles Hazardous particles Non-hazardous light liquid splash and aerosols Bound* CHEMICAL EXPOSURE Taped Thermobond ® Heavy Double Taped Thermobond ® Max A seam produced when multiple threads are interlocked around the raw edges of two pieces of material for a strong, stress-resistant seam. Tightly sewn with a reinforced outer binding to increase seam strength and barrier. For potential misting exposure of non-hazardous liquids or particle penetration through the seam. Both sewn and taped to provide strong chemical resistance against heavy liquid splashes and tough seam stress. A sewn seam is covered with a strip of compatible material by heat-sealing. Sewn, then taped on the inside and the outside of the seam for a very strong chemical- and stress-resistance seam. 16 |

DUPONT TYVEK ® AND GENERAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS Typical general industrial hazards/Description/Examples Non-hazardous Particles Aerosol Light liquid splash* Particles Aerosol General Sanding Animal dirt & Spray Oil & Lubricants Fertilizer waste & grime grinding paints grease Sewage Fertilizer Pesticides Asbestos Lead Chromium Berylium Mold Fiberglass Carbon Radioactive Isocyanate Garment particles waste Tyvek ® ProShield ® NexGen ® ProShield ® Tempro ® Hazardous Flame** resistance Generally preferred Acceptable for use DUPONT TYCHEM ® CHEMICAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS Garment Typical general industrial hazards/Examples Hazardous dry powders & solids Bloodborne pathogens & biohazards Light chemical splash & aerosols Moderate liquid chemical splash Potential flash fire exposure & liquid organic chemicals Heavy liquid chemical splash (toxics & corrosives) ChemBio & warfare agents Chemical vapors & gases (toxics & corrosives) NFPA Ensembles Brands Exposure Dry pharma chemicals Blood, saliva, human excrement Inorganic acids and bases, salts Organics, solvents Methamphetamine Known carcinogens Sarin, Mustard, VX nerve agent Chlorine, anhydrous ammonia 1991 1992 1994 2112 70E Cat 2 Tychem ® QC * Tychem ® SL * Tychem ® F Tychem ® CPF 3 Tychem ® BR Tychem ® LV Tychem ® TK Tychem ® ThermoPro Tychem ® Reflector ® Tychem ® Reflector ® CSM Generally preferred Acceptable for use * Serged and/or bound seams are degraded by some hazardous liquid chemicals, such as strong acids and should not be worn when these chemicals are present. 1.888.539.6258 | 17

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