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Malt by Impact Catalog (MLT1601)

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Malt by Impact product catalog.

PyroMax ® PyroMax ®

PyroMax ® PyroMax ® offers superior strength, wet or dry, over other traditional fire retardant disposable garments. PyroMax ® is breathable, making this a cool and comfortable garment to wear. When worker efficiency and comfort are important, PyroMax ® garments are the critical choice.

PyroMax ® Available in White and Blue. Other sizes and styles available. MP7412 MP7412B (blue) coverall, zipper S – 5X 25 EACH 15 Lbs MP7414 MP7414B (blue) coverall, zipper, attached hood, boots, elastic wrists S – 5X 25 EACH 17 Lbs MP7417 MP7417B (blue) coverall, zipper, elastic wrists & ankles S – 5X 25 EACH 15 Lbs MP7428 MP7428B (blue) coverall, zipper, attached hood, elastic wrists & ankles S – 5X 25 EACH 16 Lbs PyroMax ® Strength CHARACTERISTIC Basic Weight TEST APPLIED PFG Method RESULTS (oz/yd).........2.4 (g/m)............67 Flame Retardant Capabilities Grab Tensile Trap Tear ASTM D1117/D1682 Modified Grab ASTM D1117/D1682 MD (lbs/kg)...31/11 XD(lbs/kg)....20/9.0 MD(lbs/kg)...4.5/2.0 XD(lbs/kg)...5.6/2.5 Vertical Flammability NFPA-701-2010 Pass CAN/CGSB 4.2 Pass Afterflame FTMS 191 A >2 Sec. Electrostatic Dissipation Char Length Method 5903 FTMS 191 A MD(inches).....3.70 Method 5903 XD(inches)......3.70 Breathability Ignition Point Modified Muffle Furnace 1,000 F Charge Decay NFPA 99 Pass Resistivity (ohms/square) ASTM-D-257 2x10 Air Permeability (cfm) IST 70.1 52 It is the user’s responsibility to select garments which are appropriate for each intended use and which meet all specified government and industry standards. 1.888.539.6258 | 15

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