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Malt by Impact Catalog (MLT1601)

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Malt by Impact product catalog.

ProMax II® Our

ProMax II® Our exclusive ProMax II ® is a 3 ply material consisting of one layer of meltblown polypropylene bonded between 2 layers of spunbond polypropylene. These garments are strong, fluid resistant and breathable. Providing maximum comfort and durability, ProMax II® is an optimal mix of protection and comfort at an affordable price. These garments are available in a variety of colors. Stocking colors are blue and white.

ProMax II® Providing maximum comfort and durability, these garments are strong, fluid resistant and breathable. ® ProMax II (SMS) OVERVIEW • A three-layer spunbonded-meltblown-spunbonded polypropylene fabric • Ideal for a number of applications where non-toxic particles are present • Comfortable, lightweight fabric available in a variety of garment styles • Color: Light Blue or White • Seam: Serged Typical Applications: general maintenance, janitorial services, food processing, construction, or any nonhazardous job where you need to keep clean. Product Number M1740 M1140 coverall, zipper S – 6X 25 EACH 6 Lbs M1240 coverall, elastic wrists & ankles S – 5X 25 EACH 6 Lbs M1440 coverall, hood, elastic wrists & ankles S – 5X 25 EACH 7 Lbs M1540 coverall, hood, boot, elastic wrists S – 5X 25 EACH 8 Lbs PHYSICAL PROPERTIES PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Tensile Strength (MD) Trapezoidal Tear (MD) Elongation (MD) Mullen Burst Static Decay (>0.5 sec) Flammability BARRIER PROPERTIES Hydrohead TEST METHODS ASTM D5034 INDA IST 100.2 ASTM D5034 ISO 13938-1 NFPA 99 CPSC 1610 TEST METHOD AATCC 127-1998 RESULTS 25.9 lbs 9.2 lbs 45% 36.4 psi PASS Class 1 RESULTS 72.8 cm M1740 lab coat, 3 pockets, knit cuff and collar XS – 5X 30 EACH 7 Lbs M2215B blue shoe covers L/XL 100 PR. 10 Lbs COMFORT PROPERTIES Air Permeability MVTR TEST METHOD ASTM D737 ASTM E96 RESULTS 42 cfm 4639 g/m2/24 hr It is the user’s responsibility to select garments which are appropriate for each intended use and which meet all specified government and industry standards. 1.888.539.6258 | 9

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