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Hand Sizing Chart (GLOFLY1803)

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This sizing chart will help you find the right glove size for your hand.

Hand Sizing Chart

GLOVES HAND SIZING CHART How to Choose Proper Chemical Resistant Gloves Identify the chemical you are working with. Consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the chemical. Check the chemical resistance guide for gloves. Determine the physical factors involved in the glove application: • Dexterity and flexibility • Resistance to puncture and snags • Abrasion resistance Determine the needed glove length. Test glove. S Small M XL L Large Medium X-Large How to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Hand Proper fitting gloves are important. Gloves that are too large are uncomfortable, hard to use and can be hazardous. Gloves that are too small are binding and cause hand fatigue. To determine proper size, print this size guide and place your hand on the diagram to measure your hand width or use a flexible tape measure to determine the circumference of your hand. Measurement should be taken around the fullest part of the hand, not including the thumb. If right-handed, use right hand and vice versa. S M L XL Hand Width 7 - 8" 8-1/2 - 9" 9-1/2 - 10" 10-1/2 - 11" 2840 Centennial Road Toledo, Ohio 43617 1.800.333.1541 ©2020 Impact Products, LLC GLOFLY1803 (REV 09/20)

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