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Floor Care Catalog (FLOOR2103)

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Impact Products has a line of items for floor care including scrub brushes, brooms, dust pans, treads, mops, and more.


Floor Care Metal Lobby Dust Pan The metal handle and pan provide excellent durability. • Heavy 22-gauge steel construction • Baked-on black finish resists scuffing and wear • Chrome-plated, 31" handle with hang-up hole for easy storage ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 2604 Black 6/cs Metal Dust Pan These heavy duty metal dust pans are ready for your toughest jobs. • Baked-on black enamel finish protects the pan in all conditions • Hang-up hole for convenient storage on a peg board or cart • Made from a single piece of 20-gauge steel ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 4212 Black 12 in. 12/cs 4216 Black 16 in. 12/cs Value-Plus Dust Pan Polypropylene dust pan makes cleaning a breeze. • Durable and lightweight • Fine edge pick-up with hanger slot • Molded ridges for broom and counter brush cleaning ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 710 Black 12 in. 12/cs 28 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Floor Care 12 in. Hand Held Dust Pans These lightweight and durable dust pans have many convenient features. • Molded ridges for broom and counter brush cleaning • Rubberized finish on #706 allows for increased durability and minimizes static • Fine front-edge for maximum pickup ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 700 Black Plastic 12/cs 701 Blue Plastic 12/cs 703 Red Plastic 12/cs 706 Brown Plastic with a Rubberized Finish 12/cs Metal Pick-Up Pan Straight Handle The 14 in. Black Metal Non-closing Dust Pan has a straight handle. 32 in. H for ease of use. Black to help hide stains. • 32" wood handle • Constructed of 20-gauge steel with a black baked on enamel finish • Pan is 7½" high ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 69X12 Black 12/cs HAND-HELD & FLOOR SCRUBBERS Floor Pad Holders Swivel bases are great for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas and deep cleaning. • Built-in teeth on either base accepts 4.5" x 10" cleaning pads • Accepts any 15/16" diameter tapered (#2007) or acme-threaded handle (#2000) • 1 brown stripping pad and 1 white polishing pad included with 2001WP ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 2000 Acme Threaded Socket Pad Holder 12/cs 2001WP Acme Threaded Socket Holder w/Pads 1/bx; 12/cs 2007 Universal Locking Collar Pad Holder 12/cs 2007WP Universal Locking Collar Holder w/Pads 1/bx; 12/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 29

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