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Eclipse™ Screens and Clips (ECL1805)

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This is a brochure that covers our complete line of Eclipse urinal screens and fragrance clips.

Citrus Grove Ocean

Citrus Grove Ocean Breeze Apple Zing Winter Frost Sweet Amaretto Cucumber Melon Tropical Mango Lavender Fields Fresh Cotton Tropical Wave

The Eclipse Clip. The perfect companion to the Eclipse Urinal Screen. Why should the men’s room have all the fun? With the Eclipse Clip, all restrooms and public areas can enjoy premium odor control! Attractive and discreet, Eclipse Clips can be “clipped” to the rim of any toilet bowl, stall door, shelf or other area to dispense a high intensity, clean smelling fragrance that battles odors effectively for 30 days. Eclipse Clips are available in five high intensity fragrances: Citrus Grove, Ocean Breeze, Cucumber Melon, Tropical Mango and Lavender Fields. Use in harmony with Eclipse Urinal Screens of the same fragrance for effective odor control in virtually any environment. Citrus Grove Tropical Mango Ocean Breeze Cucumber Melon Lavender Fields

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