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2 years ago

Eclipse™ Screens and Clips (ECL1805)

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This is a brochure that covers our complete line of Eclipse urinal screens and fragrance clips.

The Next Eclipse Is

The Next Eclipse Is Here! Eclipse urinal screens and fragrance clips. Premium odor control from Impact Products ® Customers and employees equate the cleanliness of a restroom with the cleanliness of the entire business. Eclipse Urinal Screens. The next generation in premium odor control. Eclipse urinal screens eliminate virtually all splashback – so they not only counteract malodors, but prevent them at the source. Our innovative, patent-pending design allows screens to be installed in any position without compromising splashback performance – the vast surface area and anti-splashback tines are mirrored on both sides of the screens so no matter how they are placed in the urinal they always perform as intended. Poor-smelling restrooms lead to the perception that restrooms are not clean. Eclipse urinal screens and fragrance clips provide 30 days of high intensity fragrance. Utilizing an EVA copolymer that releases premium fragrance over time, Eclipse is ideal for any environment from single stall office washrooms to high traffic restrooms in venues such as hospitals, stadiums, arenas and restaurants. Eclipse urinal screens are designed to fit virtually all urinal shapes and sizes. Sturdy enough to provide effective drain and trap protection, they are also flexible for a perfect fit. Choose from ten bold modern fragrances: Ocean Breeze, Cucumber Melon, Tropical Mango, Lavender Fields, Berry Fusion, Apple Zing, Winter Frost, Citrus Grove, Piña Colada or Fresh Cotton. Resealable packaging keeps unused screens ready