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Dispensing Catalog (DISP2102)

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Impact Products has a line of dispensing products including bottles, trigger sprayers, measuring scoops, containers & faucets, and more.

Dispensing Drum 8 oz. Plastic Pump These chemical dispensing pumps fit 5 through 55 gallon containers. • Adapts to both ¾" and 2" National Pipe Thread, Senior Rieke FlexSpout included • Polypropylene and polyethylene construction for chemical resistance • 2, 4, 6, or 8-oz. with included restriction clips • Restriction clips included • Fits 5 through 55 gallon containers ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 2202 Gray 12/cs Plastic 1 oz. Pump Kit Kit includes 1 pump and several cap sizes to allow for multiple applications. • Includes plastic cap sizes 89 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, and #904 Econo dispensing pump • Use with various neck sizes on different gallon containers ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 905 White 24/cs 4 cc 38 mm Plastic Dispensing Pump 4 cc output is ideal for liquid and gel sanitizers. • 38/400 mm thread finish for compatibility with most 1 gallon and ½ gallon jugs • Head is Twist Lockable to prevent accidental dispensing • Compatible with Sanitizers, Hand Soaps, Lotions and much more ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 940 4 cc Output 500/cs Special 1/8 oz. Plastic Pump Ideal for precise dispensing in small amounts including fractions of an ounce. • Great for hand soaps and chemicals • Fits standard gallon #1700 • 38 mm cap ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 902A White 24/cs 12 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Dispensing Special 1/16 oz. Plastic Pump Useful for liquids that need dispensed in very small amounts. • Fits standard quart and pint bottles • 28 mm cap • Perfect for countertop dispensing ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 906A White 24/cs Siphon Drum Pump Designed to easily drain low-viscosity contents from large drums. • Made from polyethylene • Siphons 3.6-gal. per minute • Fits 15, 30, & 55-gallon drum with 2" National Pipe Thread ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 2300 Red / White 6/cs Mini Siphon Pump For small jobs, this siphon pump is ideal. • Includes adapter for use with Rieke Intermediate plastic FlexSpout on 5-gal. pails • When used with Rieke Jr. FlexSpout, remove adapter ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 2305 Red / White 24/cs 38 mm Foaming Pump • 38/400 thread finish to fit most gallon and half-gallon containers • 45-degree angled spout dispenses foam into hands to prevent waste and mess • 11 ¼" tube length • Compatible with foaming soaps and sanitizers ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 930-100 38 mm Foaming Pump 100/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 13

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