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7 months ago

Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Restaurants (CFHHRES2006)

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This packet includes essential products and resources for businesses reopening during the COVID-19 outbreak.


RESOURCES Scan these QR codes for instructional videos How to Safely Use Disposable Gloves How to Safely Use Ear-Loop Face Masks How to Safely Use N95 Masks How to Clean a Toilet Bowl How to Clean Hard Surfaces How to Clean High Touch Surfaces How to Use a Microfiber Floor Pad How to Use a Microfiber Wet Mop 14 How to Use the Mopster ®

CLEANING CHECKLIST RESTAURANTS FRONT OF HOUSE HOURLY TASKS Clean and sanitize door handles Clean and sanitize tabletops and seats after each use Require hand sanitizer supplies are adequate at high contact locations DAILY TASKS Sweep the floor thoroughly Vacuum carpets and door mats Clean and sanitize hard surfaces Mop the floors Clean and sanitize customer and employee touchpoints Polish mirrors, glass and chrome surfaces Empty and reline trash bins WEEKLY TASKS Dust window ledges, light fittings and fixtures Dust skirting boards Polish windows and picture frames Wipe down walls Clean and disinfect trash bins Check air freshener levels BAR AREA HOURLY TASKS Wipe down bar surfaces frequently Run glassware through dishwasher Empty trash bins CFHHRES2006 DAILY TASKS Clean sinks Empty bins Clean and sanitize coolers WEEKLY TASKS Clean and disinfect trash bins Tidy and organize products Clean and sanitize behind bottles and any decorative surfaces Clean and sanitize behind any movable equipment BACK OF HOUSE HOURLY TASKS Clean and sanitize all areas before beginning prep Wipe down ans sanitize surface between food preparations DAILY TASKS Clean sinks Empty bins Wipe and sanitize food prep surfaces and polish all stainless steel surfaces including ice makers and refrigeration units Remove floor mats for cleaning. Sweep and mop the floors Refill soap and paper towel dispensers Place dirty towels and linens in the appropriate bins. Break down cardboard boxes for recycling. Empty trash bins 15 WEEKLY TASKS Empty shelves and clean the surfaces of the walk-in and reach-in coolers Toss out any ingredients that are no longer fresh Check any pest prevention traps that may need cleaning or replacing WASHROOMS HOURLY TASKS Clean and disinfect door handles and grab handles Ensure feminine hygiene dispensers are adequately stocked DAILY TASKS Clean sinks Clean and disinfect toilets Polish mirrors and glass surfaces Re-stock toilet paper and hand towels Empty bins WEEKLY TASKS Polish windows Wipe down window ledges Clean and disinfect door handles and grab handles Clean and disinfect baby changing tables Clean and disinfect waste paper bins Ensure feminine hygiene disposal bins have been emptied Bleach toilet brushes Check air freshener levels

Business Reopening Cleaning Guides

Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Salon & Spa (CFHHSAL2006)
Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Restaurants (CFHHRES2006)
Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Retail Stores (CFHHRET2006)
Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Office Spaces (CFHHOFF2006)
Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Manufacturing (CFHHMAN2006)
Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Grocery (CFHHGRO2006)
Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Entertainment (Cover 2) (CFHHENT22006)
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Impact Products Catalogs

Full Line Catalog (FULL1911)
Microfiber Catalog (MICRO1911)
Receptacles/Material Handling Catalog (RECP1911)
Cleaning & Dusting Catalog (CLEAN1911)
Washroom Catalog (WASH1911)
Dispensing Catalog (DISP1911)
Floor Care Catalog (FLOOR1911)
Glove Catalog (GLOV1911)
Safety Catalog (SAFE1911)

New Products

Single Use Microfiber Tools (DISP2002)
940 Gallon Jug Pump (940PMP2007)
Hand Sanitizer & PPE Station (STND2007)
9329 Hands Free Soap Dispenser (HFSD2007)
Naturelle® Essential Pad with Wings (NESS2006)
TriVu® Cones for Social Distancing and Curbside Pickup (TRVU2005)
Microfiber Top Down Charging Bucket & Strainer (MIBUC1912)
Single Use Disposable Microfiber Pad & Base for Disposable Microfiber Pad (MICDIS2001)
6130/6135 High Output Trigger Sprayer (NWSPR1909)
25191500 Electronic Feminine Hygiene Dispenser (ELVNDR1911)
1650 Disposable Urinal Floor Mat (16501811)
Banana Products Brochure (BANA1803)
Thin Bin™ Sell Sheet (THIN2003)


Commercial Containers
Agricultural Janitorial & Safety Supplies (AGRCAT1810)
Impact Products Personal Care Vendors (FREE1906)
Personal Care Products (FEMBRO1804)
Safe Handling of Fentanyl (FEN1907)
1650 Disposable Urinal Floor Mat (16501811)
Disposable Floor Mats (FLOORBRO1812)
9330 Bulk Lotion & Soap Dispenser (93301901)
Utility Pail and Heavy-Duty Buckets (PAILS1703)
GenAire™ Metered Aerosols (GEN1708)
Naturelle Free Vend Sell Sheet (FRCR1807)
Restroom Odor Control (ODOR1902)
Banana Cone White Paper (BANAWP1803)
Long Handle Lint Roller (7450SEL1609)
Food Service Paper Sell Sheet (PPR1706)
LBH18 Mopster Bucketless Handle Valve Kit Replacement
Eclipse™ Screens and Clips (ECL1805)
Eclipse™ Spanish (ECL1805SPA)
Eclipse™ French (ECL1805FCA)
Why Clean with Microfiber from Impact Products (WMF1504)
DiversaMed Gloves (DMBRAND1608)
Protected Chef Gloves (PCBRAND1608)
ProGuard Gloves (PGBRAND1608)
Hand Sizing Chart (GLOFLY1803)
Glove Measurements in Grams
Jan/San Vertical (JANSVERT1506)
Industrial Vertical (INDUSVERT1506)
Hospitality Vertical (HOSPVERT1506)
Healthcare Vertical (HEALVERT1506)
Food Service Vertical (FOODVERT1506)
Educational Vertical (EDUCVERT1506)
Auto Dealers Vertical (AUTOVERT1506)
BSC Vertical (BUILVERT1506)