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Cleaning for Health & Hygiene: Grocery (CFHHGRO2006)

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This packet includes essential products and resources for businesses reopening during the COVID-19 outbreak.


SOAP DISPENSERS Safe and effective hand washing is critical for preventing the spread of contamination. Our soap dispenser models cover a range of products including liquid and lotion soaps, foam soaps, and liquid hand sanitizers. Click HERE to view our soap dispenser options. FEATURES • See-thru components allow for easy monitoring of soap supply levels • Multiple models available for dispensing foam soaps, liquid soaps, and hand sanitizers 4

TOILET SEAT COVERS Toilet seat covers provide protection and ease of mind for users. Rest Assured® toilet seat covers are available in different styles for use in a number of dispensers. Click HERE to view our full selection of toilet seat covers and HERE for toilet sear cover dispensers. FEATURES • Available in ½ fold, ¼ fold, and lever dispenser options. • Self-disposing design allows the seat cover to be flushed without touching it 5

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