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2 months ago

Cleaning & Dusting Catalog (CLEAN2102)

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Impact Products has a long line of cleaning supplies including dusters, sponges, brushes, squeegees, and more.

Cleaning Amazing Sponges Eliminate stains and marks with only water using this innovative cleaning solution. • Most effective on hard, smooth surfaces; melamine construction • Yellow gripping middle-layer prolongs use and improves cleaning performance • 7151 has 40-50% more surface area, lasts longer, and has special ergonomic shape • Melamine cleaning surface on both sides ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7150 Amazing Sponge 30/cs 7151 Super Amazing Sponge 12/cs Compressed Sponge These general purpose cellulose sponges can be used for a variety of jobs. • Made of quality cellulose; compressed for packing and shipping • Can be used with chemicals • Expands when exposed to liquid; excellent promotional item ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7155 Yellow 640/cs Cellulose Scrubber Sponge These cellulose scrubber sponges pair soft cellulose with a scouring pad. • Light-duty cellulose sponge has a white scrub/scouring pad • General-duty cellulose sponge has a green scrub/scouring pad • Damp-packed in poly bag; washable ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7129P Light Duty 5/pk; 8 pk/cs 7130P General Duty 5/pk; 8 pk/cs 8 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Cleaning SCRUB BRUSHES Heavy Duty Swivel Scrub Brush Extend your reach with maximum pressure to stubborn stains. • No job too tough for this brush • Used for aggressive scrubbing of hard-to-reach areas • Screw-in handle adjusts brush to any angle for cleaning ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 37000 Blue / White Plastic 6/cs Iron Handle Scrub Brush This brush can be used for a variety of cleaning applications. • Longer bristles can get down into tough areas • Large cleaning surface to shorten time spent cleaning ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 229 Blue / White Plastic 6/cs Tile and Grout Brush When deep cleaning washrooms, this brush is essential. • Three rows of nylon bristles • 9" Plastic handle with hang-up hole • 3.5" Brush length ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 225 White / White Plastic 12/cs Tile and Grout Brush with Acme Threading Chisel cut bristles are designed to manipulate all types of grout lines. • Chemically-resistant polypropylene bristles • Swivel head allows brush to be used in both directions, extending the life of the brush • Works with standard acme threaded handles ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 224 White / Black 12/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 9