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2 months ago

Cleaning & Dusting Catalog (CLEAN2102)

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Impact Products has a long line of cleaning supplies including dusters, sponges, brushes, squeegees, and more.

Cleaning 5 Gallon Pail with Lid These pails and coordinating lids are both FDA and UN-approved. • Durable high density polyethylene • Lid features a Senior Rieke FLEXSPOUT ® • Steel handle with ergonomic plastic grip • Painters Pail with Baby hazard label on the side ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 5515 White 5/cs Drum Wrench This durable aluminum drum wrench quickly removes drum bungs. • Universally used for plastic or metal drum bungs • Lightweight, yet durable non-sparking aluminum construction • Aluminum construction permits use with hazardous materials ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7200 Silver 12/cs Plastic Pail Lid Opener Remove lids from plastic pails and buckets without straining. • Works quickly by applying leverage • Will not cut or distort container • Ideal for removing foodservice container lids • Stable base and caster placement increases tip resistance and maneuverability ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 7210 White 12/cs 14 Easier. Safer. Better! | 800.333.1541

Cleaning MAIDS' BASKETS Maids' Basket and Inserts Use inserts with maids basket to hold quart bottles, aerosols, etc. • High comfort handle; heavy-duty construction • High sides prevent bottles and aerosols from falling out • Each insert holds 3 bottles (sold separately) ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 1803 Gray 6/cs 1802 Blue 6/cs 1801I Insert - Tan 200/cs 1802I Insert - Blue 200/cs 1803I Insert - Gray 200/cs WINDOW SQUEEGEES & HANDLES Stainless Steel Window Squeegee This rugged squeegee can be paired with a handle for large jobs. • Fast-lock handle for quick blade and channel changes • Non-slip rubber grip • Can extend reach with standard squeegee handles • Handles #8101, #760, #6248 or #221-W ITEM DESCRIPTION CS QTY 6222 12" Stainless Steel Squeegee 6/cs 6228 18" Stainless Steel Squeegee 6/cs 6222R 12" Replacement Rubber Squeegee 6/bg Combo Squeegee/Washer Washer and squeegee in one unit reduces transition time • Soft rubber blade; able to be mounted to standard squeegee handle and acme thread • Washer features water retention wells for fewer reloads • Lightweight aluminum construction prevents user fatigue ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CS QTY 6240 Black / White 10" 6/cs | 800.333.1541 Easier. Safer. Better! 15