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Banana Products Brochure (BANA1803)

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This brochure covers our complete line of Banana safety cones and accessories.

Banana Products Brochure

BE NOTICED! The average cost per slip-and-fall accident is ,000, totaling around billion each year. Businesses can reduce slip-andfall accidents by promoting safety and using proper equipment. In a comprehensive study of Banana Products wet floor cones vs traditional wet floor signs, 88% of participants noticed the “Banana Cone”, versus 7% noticing the “Floor Sign”. This study concludes that pre-existing knowledge of the banana peel slip reference is the root cause for “Banana Cone” to significantly outperform all other products in tests for safety perception (1) (1) Patricia G. Jortberg, Ph.D | 2015 Research Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Caution Signs and Cones by

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